Friday, February 05, 2016


All joists are set and the roof is going on.  The goal is to have the building dried in before the next round of poor weather. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Drone photos



Above, concrete is being poured at our equipment wash facility.  A crane is coming next week to start setting the steel building.
Below, Jerry Dalton is doing a heck of a good job with the bridge railing.  He is busy cutting the posts for the railing and the detail is great! Angled top and using a router on the corners will make this very nice!  Jerry is a wonderful team member with a lot of different knowledge and talent!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Words of Bobby Jones

I am in total agreement...there are many traditional golfing words that have become Americanized of the years and this is one of them:

"... I have used  the word 'bunker' in what I have understood to be the traditional golfing sense, meaning a pit in which the soil has been exposed and covered with sand. I regard the term 'sand trap' as an unacceptable Americanization." ~Bobby Jones

Croquet progress

A crane was on site today to set the main beam on the pavilion.  This will allow the crew to set the remainder of the trusses.  Working with Lupoli Construction and Jeff Weller has been excellent.   These guys are first class in what they do.  Specifically, the man in charge of the job is Billy Cribbs, who doesn't miss any details and suffers from the same obsessive-compulsive disorder that I do when it comes to details.  If I had to assemble a team of any kind, it would include these gentlemen.  

Above, the bathroom entrances.  the doors are on the sides rather than the front of the wall for privacy.

Above, the covered portion of the pavilion is larger than the older pavilion.  I think many people (including me) assumed the restrooms would consume more space, making the other areas much smaller.  This is not the case. 

Below, we are stockpiling 45 dump truck loads (450 tons) of fill soil that met the standards of engineered testing to ensure adequate compaction.  It's being covered to prevent water from saturating it.  Adequate compaction can only be met if the soils contain a certain moisture percentage.


Painting the siding on the pavilion.  Below, restrooms coming together.
Below, my new golf course transportation!  It was like Christmas morning for me!

Interesting article:

I would encourage you to read the following article about turf genetics and mutations.  If you ever looked at a golf green, Bentgrass or Bermudagrass, and noticed the "patches" of what appears to be different grasses and wondered what causes it, this article explains that nicely.  Often times, members at different clubs are disappointed with their brand new greens, consistent and uniform, turn patchy over time.  The older the green gets, more variation occurs.  I agree it isn't as attractive but it is also important to remember that visual aspects and playability aspects is sometimes a difficult balance.  What looks good in the form of healthy turfgrass, doesn't always play well.  As a mentor of mine at Augusta National says, "You don't putt on color!"   

Monday, February 01, 2016

This week....

This week's forecast is calling for a 50% chance of rain through today and tomorrow, increasing to a 90% chance on Wednesday.  Temperatures will be mild into Wednesday with highs reaching 60* and lows just under 50*.  The rain does appear to move out by Thursday, with sunny skies projected for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Temperatures will drop slightly with highs only reaching into the 40's and lows dipping into the mid 20's.  

This week on the golf course we will be working to wrap up a few of our projects in and around the property.  With most of the snow gone, we are finally able to access and move around the golf course by cart.  Hopefully the rain on Wednesday will take care of any remaining snow piles or drifts giving us then a chance to start drying out.  This morning we are finishing up reshaping our last few bunker edges and plan to have those completed today.  Also, Jerry Dalton is continuing to work on the railings for the recently completed bridge on #18 pond.  Please continue to check with us for any updates!