Friday, November 27, 2015

Bunker Liners

All of the liners that were pulled from the bunkers are sitting behind the shop, giving a new perspective to the material.  Once the leaf box is off of our truck, we will be able to haul these to the landfill.

Footers on Washpad

The footers for the new wash pad foundation are currently about 15 feet deep with no end in site.  The entire area is built on fill and a soil engineer, who I meet with on Monday at the croquet court is going to look at this to determine how to proceed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

USGA rule change

RULES OF GOLFNovember 23, 2015

The USGA says scores shot when playing by yourself no longer count for your handicap

On Monday, the USGA announced that beginning Jan. 1, 2016 scores shot while playing by yourself are no longer acceptable for handicap purposes. This is a dark day for people everywhere with vanity golf handicaps. Here's an explanation of the new policy:
Playing alone and necessary peer review: To further support the key [USGA Handicap] System premise of peer review, scores made while playing alone will no longer be acceptable for handicap purposes. This change underscores the importance of providing full and accurate information regarding a player’s potential scoring ability, and the ability of other players to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a posted score. (Section 5-1: Acceptability of Scores)

NY Times article: Fewer Golfers, but some lush courses are coming back.


Click the link above to view the article.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a really cool photo for you to enjoy.  It is an airplane shot from above the Gorge Road and Cullasaja Falls. 
The guys had a tremendous push to finish up the week, finishing up removing the liners from bunkers.  While we attempted changing pins today, the greens are frozen for the most part which doesn't allow for moving hole locations.
I spent the day with Beau Welling of Beau Welling Design, looking at bunkers and the driving range, in addition to some big picture objectives and future projects. 
Next week will be a busy, productive one and we are ready to hit it head on.
The entire golf course maintenance staff wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A beautiful moonlit Highlands CC

It was one of those evenings that was surreal. How could I be this lucky to be able to call this "work?" It is anything but!


We are ready for the Holidays at Highlands CC!  11 wreaths in total were added to all columns on Cobb, Happoldt and Hummingbird Roads in addition to the irrigation pump house on Swan Lake.
Below, a fox helped us today by getting a mole on the 3rd hole.  Matthew Green just happened to be there to get this photo.  Overall, it was a chilly but beautiful, productive day.  The Macon County Building Department did a pre-demo inspection of the Hopkin's property on 106 and approved the removal project that will occur December 1st.  Staff continues to remove the liners from the bunkers in order to prepare them for polymer spraying on November 30th, weather permitting. 

More bunker examples:

Here are a couple more examples of where we reclaimed bunkers on the golf course.  Above is the bunker on the 5th hole and below is #14 greenside bunker.