Thursday, October 30, 2014

#6 progress

Before and After on #6

Above is the before picture.  The woods on #6 are littered with small dead trees and leggy rhododendron.  Our goal is to remove that material and expose the big, beautiful Oaks and Hickories that grow in this area.  The rhododendron will flourish in 2-3 years and the area will be beautiful.
Below is the after photo.  The beautiful trees were once hidden and are now part of the golf course.  You will see a much cleaner, layered and natural look.

Thursday Morning

The heavy frost this morning has us focused on some projects that don't involve turf.  A crew continues chipping brush on the 6th hole.  We are looking to open the golf course at 11:30 am.
We started stripping sod on hole #6 as well.  Our goal is to knock out all new Kentucky bluegrass on #6, giving the hole better definition.
Finally, Lyn and staff keep hammering out rock curbing.  We are working around the 8th green today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We have a chipper rented for a couple day and are cleaning up on #6.  You can start to get a feel for the look I am after.
Rock curbing installed at #7 green.

#12 Jones tee

This morning, a grading contractor brought in a heavier trackhoe to remove the large overturned stump below the 12th Jones tee.  There is a beautiful creek below this tee and my plan is to highlight it.  When you return, much of the creek will be visible from the 12th tee box.  I am looking forward to seeing the end result!

#6 woods

Yesterday, I got started on cutting down some underbrush in the wooded area above the 6th green.  As approved by the green committee, we are going to 'thin' this are out and beautify it.  I can't stress enough that the goal is NOT to be able to see through this wooded area.  These holes will still keep their isolated feel but a beautiful layered look will be the end result.  This is also the goal for the wooded area below #5 ladies tee and #9 Jones tee.

Odds and Ends

We don't just do grass!  This crew does it all including gutter cleaning weekly on all buildings.
Above:  I've received more questions this year on this tree and exactly what is it.  The answer: A Hickory.
Below, an Autumn Blaze Maple lights up the parking lot by the golf shop!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More from Tuesday

Above, we have become pretty efficient at getting rid of leaves.  Rather than picking all of them up, we installed mulcher blades on our rough units.  They do a great job turning leaves into a nice organic fertilizer source.
Above, #7 approach was verticut 2 directions using the Graden sand injection machine.  Since this approach is so flat, it benefited most from additional sand.  With Dryject aerification scheduled for November 10th, we needed to make room in our sand silo for a full load of fresh sand.  Our dry topdressing sand is delivered in a pneumatic tanker truck and pumped into a steel silo that can hold 30 tons of dry sand. 
After fairways were aerified, we dragged them with a steel mat (above) and then blew the debris to the center (below) prior to picking the material up.  We got the front 9 complete.  With rain in the forecast tomorrow, we didn't start the back 9.  Nothing is messier than having aerification plugs sitting on the ground and then getting rain.  It creates a muddy mess!