Congratulations to Highlands CC for being selected as the winner of the 2014-15 Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards for the Carolina's by Golf Digest and GCSAA!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Erika approaching??

If this model holds true, it is shaping up to be damp next week. Fortunately, it looks like the tropical storm will lose considerable strength by the time it were to reach us.  Historically, the hurricanes to reach us via the Gulf are the most destructive. For example, Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Opal in 1995 both came from this direction. On the other hand, storms that approach us from the direction of the Carolina's coastline are far less troublesome. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of land it has to traverse and it slows down substantially. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lightening damage

This is a golf course in New Burn, NC that had lightening strike a flagstick. Look how it blew the actual flag into shreds!  You can see where the electricity was grounded.  This is scary stuff! Please use caution on the golf course during potential poor weather. I hope we never see anything like this at Highlands CC.  Your safety and the safety of our staff always comes first!

Fire safety

There are a lot of behind the scenes details in any job.  This morning I met with the Highlands Fire Chief to review my maintenance building fire plan.  While not required by law, I think it is a great idea to outline where different fertilizers and chemicals are stored.  They also know where the electric shutoff switches are in the event of an emergency.  The fire dept keeps a copy on file and we have a copy posted in the maintenance building.  In the unlikely event of a fire, the department knows how to respond based on the location of the fire.  They also know their way around the facility; the entire campus for that matter.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The great egret was perched on top of the duck house on #10 for most of the day. This makes the 2nd week he's been here. 

Need tomatoes? We've got some!  Visit the farm or on the left side of the Manager's home in an island are 3 plants loaded down with fresh ripe tomatoes. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rainbow Trout

A guest of a member caught this monster last weekend!  Great to see some big fish coming out of Swan lake!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Update

This weeks forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies throughout most of the week.  There is a slight chance of a shower today (20%) along with another chance on Saturday and through the weekend.  Temperatures will be slightly cooler dropping into the mid 70's and continuing to fall as we move further into the week.  

On the golf course this week it will be business as usual!  This morning we are performing our monthly greens spiking that will be followed by a calcium application later this afternoon.  Along with that we will be spraying tees and tee bank surrounds on Tuesday and of course our regularly scheduled greens spray application on Thursday.  After receiving another 0.5" of rain last night our  total for the past week is currently almost 4"!  Please continue to check back with us through the week for any updates! 

Friday, August 21, 2015


With fall just around the corner, I started to treat hemlocks today.  The two most important Hemlocks on the property (in my opinion) are those at 12 green and 13 tee.  I've been treating these trees annually to ensure they have maximum protection against the Hemlock Wholly Adelgid.  In addition to that, I've been deep root feeding (also known as Verti-mulching) these hemlocks to ensure they receive enough nutrients.  The hemlock next to the cart path is most concerning to me because of the environment.  Its root system is trampled daily and asphalt covers the other half of the root system.  It is imperative I remain very aggressive with the care of these trees.

#11 fallen oak tree

This massive Oak tree was waiting on us this morning in the 11th fairway.  Once the crew gets done with their morning tasks like mowing greens, tees and fairways, we will blitz this project and have it gone in no time.  In the mean time, it will play as an immovable obstruction in which players will get relief.  Having a chipper makes this kind of clean up so easy.  If this were last year, we would have to cut this all up, haul it back to the shop and then have someone come and haul it off site.  It would have cost a $1,000 just to get rid of it.  With a chipper, it is a non event.