Congratulations to Highlands CC for being selected as the winner of the 2014-15 Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards for the Carolina's by Golf Digest and GCSAA!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pictures of progress and cleanup...going to be a great year at HCC!


Driving Range

Landscaping has started at the driving range. Although the building isn't finished and work continues, my staff is able to do what we need to on the exterior. This a pretty big project for this time of year for us. The end result will be great!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today appears to be our last hope for warmer weather this week.  With Temperatures almost reaching 60* after lunch, they have now started to fall and will drop down into the 20's throughout the weekend potentially.  With a large portion of clean up behind us we are finally able to focus on a few details on the course.  This morning we have 2 crew members out edging irrigation heads, yardages and other capped items on the course.  This not only keeps the yardages legible, but it also keeps the other items free of debris and accessible.

Below we finished up mulching around all the ballwashers today.  Given the temperatures can still drop below freezing, we will however wait to fill the ballwashers with soap and water until later in the year.  This will avoid risking any of them breaking, as they can be quite a costly replacement!  

Lastly you can see the front yard of the clubhouse is shaping up nicely with neatly edged beds, and fresh mulch.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Above, we mowed tees for the first time today and laid down some stripes.  Below, the Vinca in the clubhouse beds is in flower and quite spectacular!
Crews are seal coating and striping the parking lots of the clubhouse today.  It really looks great!


Thomas and Fernando are doing a great job edging beds and getting out new mulch.  Things are coming together nicely.


We received a load of bluegrass this morning and got all but 8 pallets laid on the course.  Unfortunately our fork lift broke down and is out of commission.  We need to come up with a creative way to be able to get this sod out tomorrow.  In fact, I had to turn away a load of fertilizer that was to be delivered as we have no way of unloading it off the truck.  We have numerous pieces of very old equipment.  Our intermediate rough mower quite possibly mowed it's last pass today.  If that is the case for this 20 year old mower, we may not have intermediate rough this year on the golf course until we are able to purchase a new mower.  Head Equipment Tech, Paul Dalton, will do everything he can to revive it.  There comes a time when sinking money into something this old just doesn't make sense.  We have been frugal for a number of years and it may have caught up to us.  Today was not a great day for equipment!

Monday, March 23, 2015


While a majority of the crew is still cleaning up the course or prepping for sod tomorrow, Matthew is on our rented asphalt roller, rolling putting greens.  This is a heavy duty machine and works well to smooth the greens from all the aerification that was recently performed.  This is something I will only do once a year as it could potential damage turf and its root system if abused.
Our tree crew is limbing a few more trees on #3 this morning and cutting a dead tree that fell on #14.  This damage was caused from the high winds we received last week.  Budgeting for golf maintenance at times is difficult because we often times have unexpected occurrences due to mother nature.
Springtime is prime time for broad leaf weed germination.  It is this time of year I have staff with sprayers treating these weeds.  The two most problematic weeds are bittercress (very easy to eradicate) and mouse ear chickweed (sometimes requires 4 or more applications to is a stubborn weed!).  With cool season turf, seeding is always recommended for the fall because there is less competition from broadleaf weeds.
Thomas and Fernando are doing a great job edging beds around the club.  These are the type of tasks required prior to mulching and laying pinestraw.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Update

There is a 70% chance of rain through today with temperatures hovering right around 60*.  It appears things will clear out tomorrow and remain partly cloudy until another rain system moves in on Friday.  There is a slight chance of snow on Saturday but with temperatures remaining above 40 we will more than likely continue to receive rain through the weekend.  

On the golf course this week we have our clean up crew out in full force this morning.  Weather permitting we should potentially be able to have the golf course raked by Tuesday. Leaving only the farm and driving range left for detail cleaning.  Also we are out continuing to prep for bluegrass sod that will be arriving Tuesday.  Chad and Koty are out this morning beginning to plug greens.  With most of our cultural practices taking place through the winter it can result in some damaged turf.  Thankfully we have a nursery we are able to obtain plugs from as needed.  Please continue to check back thoughout the week!