Congratulations to Highlands CC for being selected as the winner of the 2014-15 Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards for the Carolina's by Golf Digest and GCSAA!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


We are always looking for ways to step up our game and improve...looking for new ways of doing things.  Over the years, the range tee receives more and more attention.  In addition to using pre-soaked seed for faster germination, we are watering the seed as much as we can throughout the day.  The key to good germination is water and lots of it.  This is challenging given the range isn't connected to the golf course and it gets a good amount of use through the day.  However, we are doing everything we can to give you a first class range.
38* this morning!  Beautiful morning for working on a golf course!  Greens were single cut and rolled this morning.

Friday, May 22, 2015

16th Tee

5 River Birches were planted behind the 16th tee this afternoon.  I removed a very ugly Witch hazel this winter and a hole was created.  This seals that are back off in a much nicer manner.   

Summer flowering shrubs!

Hybrid rhododendron, Flame (native) azalea, Kousa Dogwoods and Mountain Laurel are all blooming and the sight is beautiful...going to help make for a great Memorial Day Weekend!
Flame Azalea at #8 ladies tee
Mountain laurel on #8
Kousa Dogwood
And just a pretty picture of the 5th hole!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


This morning we are brooming approaches and then mowing immediately behind.  Brooming stands the turf upright, allowing us to get a good quality cut.  Due to a number of factors like mowers turning, these areas tend to get matted down.  Again, greens were given a break from mowing today due to all the sand that was applied yesterday.  This afternoon, we are going to make one more application of sand followed by an 0-0-28 feertilizer.
Yesterday, we made quite an effort to repair old ball marks on #2 green.  If you play and see the holes filled with sand, this was the reason.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Greens are being sand topdressed 2 directions this afternoon.  Tomorrow, we will not mow in the morning, rather spray with fertilizer and when dry, drag them with a brush followed by an application of potassium 0-0-28 fertilizer.  They are still slightly bumpy and I feel this heavy topdressing with smooth them out.
Today I met with John Companiotte, who is working on the HCC history book coming out in a few years.  While I met with John's wife last fall, John was here to search our computers up and down for photos taken through the years.  He was very pleased with what he found.  While we were talking, I learned John wrote a book about Byron Nelson and had the opportunity to sit down with him.  Nelson was head pro (1940's) at Reading CC in Reading, PA...the golf course I got my start as a teenager.  It was neat to hear John tell me about Byron Nelson talking about Reading CC in the book.  One such story was Nelson's obsession with bunker practice.  In fact, he practiced so much out of one particular bunker at RCC that grounds staff had to fill it with sand, weekly!  There is no doubt this new Highlands CC book will be fantastic! 


The Zoysiagrass on 2, 3 and 17 is greening up and our ryegrass is also germininating amongst it.  I am looking forward to see the progression of these tees in another 2 weeks.  This photo is a closeup of ryegrass popping out of the aerification holes.
Rhododendron on #5 below the ladies tee is already breaking new leaf buds on the stumps.  In no time, this will look like a brand new plant.  And below, wildflower areas are progressing slowly but nicely in several key areas.  They were recently fertilized to push them along a bit faster.


Details...edging yardage markers every other week is a detail we are committed to.  These are the types of details that help seperate HCC from others. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I've mentioned it before and it is worth noting again. The above organic fertilizer is a game changer for HCC. One of the limiting factors on our fairways at HCC were earthworms, specifically on 3,6,8 and 9. Their casting led to muddy lies. This organic product contains a tea seed oil that earthworms can't tolerate. For the first time in HCC history, we were growing dense turf on fairways that have been a maintenance challenge due to the castings. I am excited about being able to provide good quality fairways on all holes!  I put some of this fertilizer out on Monday and the .75" of rain we received last night watered it in perfectly. This morning, thousands of earthworms surfaced.

Above, all of the parking curbs at the LEC and Hudson House were replaced last night. Our jobs go well beyond just maintaining turf. It also involves facility maintenance as well.