Thursday, July 31, 2014

NC State University trials

Dr. Jim Kerns with NC State University was back on site this morning with his graqduate students to apply more fungicides and evaluate the Pythium Root Rot trials on the practice green.  As I mentioned before, it is very important to maintain these relationships with university researchers.  I am proud the HCC was able to participate in this trial!

Greens spraying...

Thursday is our weekly spray day for greens.  The spray concoction consists of several fertilizers and 2 fungicides.  By spraying weekly, we are able to use lower, preventative rates of fungicides.  We are also fortunate to have quality spray equipment and a great mix/load area right here at the Club.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It is common to think that since we buy so much gasoline and diesel, we would get it at a great price. This is not necessarily true. In fact, we pay more for gasoline to fill our 1000 gallon tank.  The main reason is because we buy ethanol free gasoline. On average we pay about 10 cents more per gallon compared to what you would pay at the gas station. Ethanol is terrible for small engines. The increased cost of ethanol free fuel is well worth the expense as we recoup that in the long run.  The fuel you fill your vehicle with contains about 10% ethanol. 

Diesel on the other hand, is much cheaper. Diesel is sold either "off road" or "on road." The difference is we don't pay the road tax on our diesel so it is much cheaper compared to what you would pay at the gas station. The diesel is dyed red in color.  If a person was caught filling a truck with off road diesel, the fine would be hefty!

At HCC, we are fortunate to have 2 quality double wall fuel tanks to keep 1000 gallons of gasoline and 500 gallons of diesel on hand at all times. Our fuel company is based out of Greenville, SC. Price  and reliability are the two factors I consider when picking a company. 

#2 pond

After draining #2 pond half way, we were able to spot our leak, expose it and fill the void with cement. The pond is filling back up as I type and by tomorrow, you won't even know we were there. 

Spike and topdress greens...

Greens were spiked and lightly top dressed with sand today. This is an ongoing program that takes place every 2-3 weeks. This is necessary to ensure the long term health of the greens. 

#16 collar

The collar on the back of #16 green is a constant challenge; my nemesis if you will.  Lack of adequate sun, air movement and a lot of traffic make this difficult to maintain.  Tomorrow, we are going to resod the collar using turf from our nursery green.  Resodding in July isn't the best idea but the collar as is, is unacceptable.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great day!

Argentina Superintendents

For the last 2 days, I had the opportunity to entertain 14 superintendents from Argentina.  What an awesome experience.  On Monday, we were in Liberty, SC at the Carolina GCSA headquarters.  On Tuesday, they visited Wade Hampton and Highlands CC.  These guys are the cream of the crop in Argentina.  In fact, several have hosted their National Open.  However, things are much different there compared to the US.  For example, there is no formal education for Supers.  All learned by doing!  Second, good equipment is hard to come by.  The mechanic turns into one of the most valuable employees because it is up to him or her to keep the operation running, literally.

This was arranged through a professor and good friend at Clemson University.  As you may recall, every spring I host Dr. Bruce Martin's entomology class here at HCC.  One of Dr. Martin's Ph.D. graduate students is from Argentina.  Every 2-3 years, he brings a dozen superintendents to the US to visit top clubs.  Travelling with them is the Executive Director of the Argentina Golf Association (AAG) as well as 2 general managers from Clubs in Argentina.  This graduate student is the one responsible for providing scientific research and trends to the Superintendents over there.

This was a tremendous honor for me at HCC.  As I continually say, I am so proud of the work we've done to improve your golf course over the years!